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About Us

At SHREE HEALTH CARE, We are a healthcare provider with a team of Dedicated and Medically trend healthcare professionals including therapists, nurses, caregivers and doctors who bring all hospital requirements to your doorstep. We strive to deliver our best and personalised care tailored to your requirements.  Our services have wide range of healthcare requirements from basics to complex treatment. We make sure to give you holistic and comprehensive care and medical service without hospitalization.

Our Specialties

Our services are designed to conquer all your health care requirements, delivering specialized medical care, personalised attention and compassionate support in the convenience of your home

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Personal Care at Home

Providing holistic support and personal care at home is provided by a trained attendant.

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Physiotherapy at Home

Medical Health Professionals at MGH, Our Health Care Associate bring to you their expert

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Elderly care at Home

The elderly or senior citizen care program has been designed to meet the healthcare requirements

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Doctor at Home

Due to acute or chronic illness or prevailing infections even a visit to the doctor

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Nurse at Home

Our nursing care at home involves diverse healthcare services that involve easy monitoring

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Diagnostics at Home

Looking for a diagnostic lab testing facility right at the comfort of your home?

Medical Equipments at Home

Critically ill patients admitted in ICU require all such medical equipment and settings at home


Mahatma Gandhi Hospital has been providing its telemedicine services since 2014.

Meet Our Founders

Mr. Ashish Ameta and Mr. Shivraj Sharma are the visionary minds behind SHREE HEALTH CARE. They have been serving the health care industry for 15 years. They have seen a lot of patients who are striving or in need of at-home health care services and that’s the main motivation to build SHREE HEALTH CARE to provide services at patient’s homes. Both of the founders are keen to deliver their best hence they have grouped medically trained and knowledgeable team members who can provide 24×7 service.

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Ashish Ameta

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Shivraj Sharma


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